Thursday, July 12, 2007

I used to love you

Here's a list of the people I had huge crushes on when I was a kid. I'm looking for a pattern of some sort.

Zorro, 80's Zorro. From the TV-show. I loved him. Finding out that this actor, Duncan Regehr, is actually Canadian really just spoiled everything. God. Why did they have to get a Canadian actor? Why?!

I don't think I would have loved him as much if I had known. But it doesn't matter that much in this case, because more than I wanted Zorro to be my boyfriend, I wanted to be Zorro.

Peter Pan. Yes, the cartoon. Look at him, he's so mysterious and cute. And you can never ever have Peter Pan. Unless you move to Nevereverland, which of course, you wont.

Bastian from Never Ending Story. OK, so I'm really proud of this one, because this is the only one that's not a cartoon or a buff hairy man. This is a little kid, just like I was.

Uncle Jesse. Yeah. (B)AIDA and I actually have this one in common. Uncle both nice AND cool. He had cool hair and a band, ( Uncle) Jesse and the Rippers.

Did we want him as an uncle or as a boyfriend? It's hard to tell with Uncle Jesse sometimes. So confusing...

Rafael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I have recently realized that he wasn't just my favorite Turtle, I think I was actually also in love with him. Which is strange, for many different obvious reasons.


Robin Hood. Another cartoon. Another animal. But, he had it all. He was an outlaw. He took from the rich etc. He looks...pretty good, in spite of the short fox-legs. Look how short they are! Wow..I never saw that before. I guess that would have been fine when I was little...but now..gee, I don't know. He must be like a lot shorter than me.

"He was a cop, and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops - gone bad. Cops who tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead. Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands. An outlaw hunting outlaws, a bounty hunter - a RENEGADE!"

I rest my case. ( Also, I want to say that I do find it a little disturbing that I thought this man was hot when I was 7 or 8).

Now, here are (B)AIDA's crushes:

Wow, next to the Renegade he doesn't seem so hot anymore.. This is Niklas, one of my first true loves. he played the big brother in the TV show made after Astrid Lindgrens book Vi på Saltkråkan.

My second true love was, believe it or not, another Astrid Lindgren character. His name was Lasse and he was as Swedish as they come. A farmer boy, an adventurous spirit.The reason why I was attracted to these ultra-Swedish country boys, I do not know.

Thorne (the second of three Thornes). He was bold and he was beautiful.

OK, so from all this we think that the patterns of attraction here might be that, the Romaniac was looking for adventure ( except in the case of Uncle Jesse, but wait, didn't he ride a motorcycle? Yes, he did, so never mind) and the Egyptian Mystery...wanted to live a quiet boring Swedish life, with a blond tranquil man. Any other interpretations?

Moldy Peaches- I think I'm in Love

Prince- In Love

Ron Davis- It's a Mystery called Love

The B52's - Love Shack

The Slits- Love Und Romance

94 East- Love, Love, Love

Tiny Tim ( with Miss Sue) - True Love


Mazur said...

Remember when Uncle Jesse made that music video? That was so cool.

I love that you only refer to Lorenzo Lamas as RENEGADE, and I love that I knew his name was Lorenzo Lamas.

Were you only into the Jonathan Brandis Sabastian from Never Ending Story 2, because that would be totally lame.

Laz said...

Yes, I do remember Uncle Jesse's video. It was amazing.

And, I'm sorry to say ( but not quite) that I only liked the Jonathan Brandis one. Why? Because he had gigantic blue eyes. That's why Mazur, that's why...