Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The Romaniac and the Egyptian Mystery have joined forces to entertain you with fantastic true stories from their amazing lives.

The Romaniac ( Laz) lives in seclusion on top of a large mountain, so large in fact that hot air balloons sometimes almost collide with the balcony of her apartment. She enjoys gardening and TV, and the occasional glass of tsuika. Every now and then she climbs down from her fortress of solitude and mingles with the masses. Sometimes when walking, she falls down, for no apparent reason. Very much like a toddler, learning to walk. This is somewhat disturbing.

The Egyptian Mystery ((B)AIDA) on the other hand has no home, as far as you're concerned. For she is indeed a mystery. There will be no information of her whereabouts whatsoever. We can tell you one thing though, she is Egyptian. And a true enigma. No one has ever seen her. Except for the one time she came out from the shadows and ate a giant cinnamon roll together with the Romaniac. A beautiful friendship was formed.

Enigma - Return to Innocence


Anonymous said...

Det här va la' en vacker sida!
Äntligen har återhämtningen från värmeböljan börjat verka. Men ändå, ett VARMT tack för järnrörsetuitutsmygningshistorien. Jag lånade den lite (med ditt fiktiva medgivande) och det är den bästa ursäkten jag någonsin haft! Ho ho, tack tack. /Alice

Laz said...

Det var så lite så, det är ju inte varje dag en järnrörsetui-historia dyker upp haha

Ashley Plath said...

Laz! Wear Your Love Like Heaven reposted today. xoxo, ashley